Research Interests

Current Interests

My research interests span broad areas of signal processing, communications, and information theories for wireless systems and networks. Current topics of interest include:

  • Statistical learning methods for wireless signal processing

  • Machine learning and deep learning in wireless communications

  • Adaptive signal processing techniques for communications

  • Dynamic resource allocation for next-generation wireless networks (HetNets, Massive MIMO)

  • mmWave communications and THz communications

  • Game theory in communications in wireless multicell system, DSL, etc

  • Convex and nonconvex optimization

  • Compressed sensing in communications

  • LTE, LTE-Advanced, and 5G Networks

Past Interests

  • Diversity techniques (MIMO, coded OFDM, cooperative communications)

  • Distributed space-time coding in relay networks

  • Beamforming techniques in multiuser systems and in relay networks

  • Uplink-downlink duality in MIMO systems

  • Convex optimization in communication system